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Production Supervisors and Quality Control Specialists Duke and Max Hard at Work.

Production Supervisors and Quality Control Specialists Duke and Max Hard at Work.

RBX RockBox Offroad Adventure Trailers is a family operated business located in the Salinas Valley.

Our passion for the outdoors has led us down this path to bring you a quality built off-road trailer, keeping it simple with strength and durability as our main focus in order to get you where you want to go.

We welcome you to the Rockbox family and look forward to helping you get your adventure started!

The Build Process


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RBX Rockbox brings you a rental program which allows you to try it before you buy it. Rent an RBX trailer with a Roof Top Tent (RTT)!

Take a look at our rental program page.

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Client Testimonials

Visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers have to say about their Rockbox trailer, how easy it is to deal with Rockbox, and how Rockbox can outfit your vehicle for hitting the great outdoors.

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Custom Fabrication & Installation




At RBX RockBox Offroad Adventure Trailers, we strive to build quality trailers to fit your specific needs and especially your budget! Our RBX Series trailers are built with durability and performance in mind using 14g steel for the box, channeled 3/16 steel frame rails, 3k rated axles in the lug pattern of your choice. And now offering the same strength and durability in our new Aluminum Series Trailers.

Stainless tanks and accessory boxes along with 12v systems available.

RTTs of your choice can be ordered and mounted to our lids.

We can custom build a particular idea you may have or upgrade a current trailer you drag in needing some TLC… the possibilities are endless… well almost. Consignments and trades are welcome.

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